Favorite Funny Movies


{ Popcorn image taken from here, where there’s a recipe for you to make your own movie style popcorn at home. }

Comedy and Horror are two of my favorite movie genres. When I was pregnant I had no interest in watching anything scary, I wanted lighthearted and funny movies only. Lately I can go either way, but I’ve been leaning towards a good, hard laugh over anything else. Continue reading “Favorite Funny Movies”

Sleep Training


{Please note I never let her sleep with all these blankets by her face. She fell asleep in my arms and I took this photo when I set her down. This moment lasted briefly, I soon had to swaddle her up and place her in the crib again}

There are so many different theories out there on how to sleep train your child, I’m not saying our approach is the best, but it is what has worked for us. And I still struggle in many ways with Liliana and sleep, but I hope by sharing what we’ve found through the last 5.5 months, it will help someone out there. Continue reading “Sleep Training”

Making A Baby Easter Basket


The Easter Bunny is coming to our house this year! I know, I know… creating an easter basket for a five month old? Well, in the off chance it makes her smile, it’s totally worth it to me. Continue reading “Making A Baby Easter Basket”

The Growing Pains of Becoming a New Mom


{huge laundry pile + cute baby girl}

I’m the type of person that feels a lot before I can actually put it all into words. Motherhood has been particularly difficult to articulate, both the good and the hard. Especially because everything changes so fast. What works one day doesn’t work the next. Continue reading “The Growing Pains of Becoming a New Mom”

Whiskey Cake In A Jar


I was in the mood to bake and since we have all this whiskey from Brian’s trip to Dublin last month, I thought why not put it in a delicious portable cake recipe?! Continue reading “Whiskey Cake In A Jar”