I’m All About Vitamin E Lately


When I found out I was pregnant and shared the news with my cousin, she asked me if I used vitamin E cream on my body, and if I wasn’t I should start. She was pretty adamant it’s the best stuff, cheap and I could get it at my local drug store. Since I trust her advice on all subjects, I headed out and picked up a few different vitamin E creams and started to try them out. And since, I’ve discovered she was absolute correct with how amazing this stuff is. After trying out all different ones I’ve  finally found my favorites. Now I feel it’s my turn to share this cheap beauty secret with all of you.

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Thursday Thoughts


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A Long-Distant Baby Party


Since Brian and I got married less than a year ago and had a lot of festivities, having a baby shower just didn’t quite feel right to me. Especially since we just moved to Seattle and having most friends and family in both Chicago and Los Angeles there just didn’t seem to be a convenient location to have something in person. So I decided to throw a simple and sweet long-distance baby party that included everyone and didn’t require much from people. Continue reading “A Long-Distant Baby Party”

Lemon Drop Love on Made By Girl // New Orleans-Style Barbecued Shrimp


We have been making a ton of New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp this summer. This spicy and delicious dish is messy to eat but so worth wearing it all over your face and hands. Pair it with a fresh baguette so you can sop up the sauce because you don’t want it going to waste.

For the full post and recipe, head on over to Made By Girl today!

p.s. Ignore the brown sauce, it might not be the prettiest dish, but it is one of the tastiest.

Nursery Decor for Baby Girl


Since we found out we were having a girl I’ve been looking into how I could add a little pizzaz to her room.

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