My Labor Day Menu


Labor Day is a holiday where we nationally celebrate our achievements as hard working individuals and our contributions to the prosperity of our country. And since I know you are all driven and hard working, I think it’s time to kick your feet up and have a little fun on this fine Monday.

Labor Day BBQs are extremely popular, and I totally support it. Summer is officially coming to an end and today is the perfect day to throw one last outdoor party for all your friends and family (big or small).

For Brian and I this year we are keeping it small and simple, but we aren’t skimping on the menu items by any means.

Here is what our spread is looking like. If you want to steal a few of our recipes for your get-together (last minute) I won’t judge. None of them are overly complicated, but they are extremely satisfying. Continue reading “My Labor Day Menu”

Thursday Thoughts


{Logan sunbathing next to my new flowers (i’m determined to keep these alive)} Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts”

Lemon Drop Love on Made By Girl // Summertime Watermelon Limeade


We are in the middle and summer and pretty much all over the country it’s HOT, and we all need a delicious way to cool off don’t we?

I can’t seem to get enough ice-cold watermelon these days, so I thought why not make a refreshing drink with it? And VOILA, Summertime Watermelon Limeade was born! I didn’t really invent it, but I made a really easy (three ingredient) version that is so incredibly tasty.

I currently can’t have alcohol, but you can, and if you want to have a little mid-week party, you should add a little.

For the full recipe plus some alcohol adding ideas visit Made By Girl today!

Drink up and have some fun, ok?

Thursday Thoughts on Friday (AGAIN!!)


{some cuteness for you!} photo via

WOW! With my track record over the last two weeks, I might want to start calling this post Friday Thoughts. I have been working diligently on my art shop. You can see the link on my sidebar to the left. It has been taking up a lot of my time, but it has been a long time coming. I honestly haven’t had the brain capacity to come up with creative blog content in addition to the work I have been doing. How do people do it?? For those of you that can keep up a flourishing blog, while building another large part of your business, I tip my hat to you!

Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy some of my thoughts on this fine Friday!

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Thursday Thoughts on Friday


{almost all the flowers I planted died from the heat a few weeks ago, so here are some plant inspirations to try and recreate} Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts on Friday”