A Delicious Treat

Let’s cook up some pasties. This week, for me, it isn’t necessarily about traditional football food, but reliving a food memory. You could definitely serve this while watching football, and I think it would make a delicious treat. Pasties are the quintessential comfort food in a cute little pocket and luckily for me, they are unbelievabley easy to make. I was inspired to make this recipe because I was missing the trips Brian and I took to the North Woods this summer. The area is famous for their cute little pockets of delicious and every time I visit I have to get my hands on at least one. I used this recipe and because they are so easy and fabulous-tasting,  I started to come up with other ways to fill the dough (so I could relive the memory in many ways): I could do a dessert (like apple pie), a spin on chicken pot pie, fill it with a beef stew, or maybe I could even do something Mexican, YUM!  

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Vilma says

    Yummy ! Send some our way !

  2. Carol says

    Yum! Another one of your goodies to add to the recipe file! :-)

  3. I WILL be making these! YUM Jen!

  4. nancy says

    Jen, They look delicious. Thanks for the rcipe. I am trying them this weekend.

  5. Katelyn says

    That looks so good! Looks like a Pasty!




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