A Finger Food Lunch

This weekend I wanted to do something a little different for lunch. Since we would be having a big breakfast and a nice dinner for the 4th, I thought having a light appetizer lunch was the way to go. Brian makes a delicious chicken salad and I make a mean taco dip. With our powers combined we made a pretty awesome spread. I came up with the idea to substitute crackers with thickly sliced cucumbers. I used a melon baller to dig small bowls in the center of each slice. Next, we placed a heaping amount of chicken salad in the center, which ended up making the perfect bite. Also, for a slightly different taste we cut slices of tomato and used those as a cracker subsitute as well. The taco dip was so vibrant, I couldn’t have been happier with it.


  1. Food looks super yumm!

  2. making me hungry

  3. nancy says

    Looks mighty fine. You may have to go into the catering biz!

  4. If you make a mean taco dip, you’ve just become my best friend.

    Just FYI.



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