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Since Brian and I got married less than a year ago and had a lot of festivities, having a baby shower just didn’t quite feel right to me. Especially since we just moved to Seattle and having most friends and family in both Chicago and Los Angeles there just didn’t seem to be a convenient location to have something in person. So I decided to throw a simple and sweet long-distance baby party that included everyone and didn’t require much from people.

In a perfect world I would have wanted to throw a party with all our friends and family that focused on celebrating Brian and I becoming parents. So with that idea in mind, I tried to figure out how I could create a festive feel knowing I would have to send everything via snail mail and would be restricted to an envelope.

I decided to use baby shower items from  Tiny Prints  and was able to customize them to fit my personal needs.

Here is what I used from the site:

Shower Invite that read “from the comfort of your home” instead of including a typical date/time and location. And on the back I was able to include a photo announcing our baby was in fact A GIRL!

Wishes for Baby which allowed everyone to participate by filling in their wishes for our little one. I have received a few of these back already and they are so fun to read. I can’t wait to share them with our little girl someday.

And in order to create a cohesive feel, I used these return labels for the main envelopes and these return labels that I included on the prestamped envelopes so people could easily send their “wishes for baby” back.


In addition I wanted to include something special for people to keep—like a party favor, and since it needed to fit in the envelope, my options were limited. I ended up finding these cute surprise quote books at Target. Each one is closed in the front and when you opened them, each has a unique quote inside. Like I mentioned in this post, I am using BabyList for my registry and they allow you to order these cute cards for free. So included these as well.



Everything was tied up in a bow and placed inside an envelope with cute confetti I found and Michaels. I’m really happy with how they turned out. No one needs to attend anything or worry about signing online for a virtual party at a specific time. Everyone can participate and celebrate with us from a distance and it feels simple and unfussy, which is just right for us.

Another thing that helped was on our registry page on BabyList, I was able to customize a message for everyone. This was great because I had a little more that I wanted to say that I couldn’t necessarily include without writing a long paragraph.

This is an untraditional approach to a baby shower, but it just goes to show that if the traditional route doesn’t feel right and you put your mind to it, you can make a big event still feel special.

All items from Tiny Prints are c/o Tiny Prints

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