{just found out with a positive pregnancy test}

When I was trying to get pregnant, I was constantly searching different variations of  “what are the first sings of pregnancy” on the web. The waiting game every month can drive a girl bonkers. But once I found out I was pregnant, I was then waiting for the next doctors appointment where I could hear the heartbeat, have an ultrasound, get blood test results all to make sure baby and I were in fact healthy. Another waiting game that can get your heart and head all tied up in knots. Now that I’m just into my third trimester, I’m starting to feel less worried and more secure in my pregnancy and overall happy and excited. To read more about how I got pregnant, read this post. Below are some photos and some reflection on each trimester so far.

First Trimester



My first huge body change was extreme bloat. I was so bloated right away that I felt like I was showing pretty early. But, in my first trimester my symptoms weren’t at all what I thought they would be. I envisioned myself hovering over the toilet, barely able to keep my food down each day. When in fact, I never hovered over the toilet or vomited once. My version of morning sickness happened once maybe twice. I woke up and my entire lower abdomen felt tight and I got all sweaty; it reminded me of the flu. I went to the bathroom thinking maybe that would make me feel better. Nothing happened, so I thought, well maybe this is morning sickness and I need to drink and eat. So I slowly made it to the kitchen and guzzled a glass of water and ate a few handfuls of oyster crackers and boom, I felt like a normal again. Overall, I still ate pretty well, but struggled with some foods that I normally would house if given the chance. I remember lying on the couch feeling like I could stay there all day, and thinking I was a complete lazy, loser for dabbling in the thought of spending my day like that.  And I was always thinking,  “is there REALLY a baby in there??”  The entire concept of pregnancy and growing a human being seemed unreal. 11-weeks


And every time I left the house I felt nervous and kind of uneasy in my skin, almost like a creepy crawly feeling. I took water and a small snack wherever I went as if those two things would cure anything that came my way. I was also foggy headed and unable to concentrate for long periods at a time. Writing, painting and blog posts kind of went out the window for a few weeks. Family and friends would ask me, “how are you feeling?” And I would always respond with “really good, nothing too extreme so far, maybe just a little tired.” Because I thought my symptoms would be much more extreme and stereotypical, I kind of chalked up how I was feeling to nothing at all. But it wasn’t until the second trimester came, when I started to feel better that I realized just how wonky and out of it I felt.  And it wasn’t until I tried to eat those few items I loved again that I realized just how hard it was for me to eat in the first trimester.  Can you say cereal? Anytime of day or night cereal sounded good!

Second Trimester


{13.5 weeks}

I was eating normal for the most part, and I had a ton of energy in the beginning. I was ready to get stuff done, no matter what it was! Brian said, “You have more energy now than than you did before you got pregnant!” I think I was wearing him out on the weekends. At the start of the second trimester I found I could no longer sleep in. Every day I was up early and hungry! Breakfast has since become my very favorite meal of the day. I would even daydream about what I was going to eat for breakfast the night before as I was trying to fall asleep. I also had to keep water by my bed every night because I would sometimes wake up with cramping that would subside after gulping down some water. 18.5-weeks

{18.5 weeks}

I also started to cry randomly. If I laughed really hard that would turn into an ugly sobbing cry. My hormones had my body reacting completely incorrect for what I was actually feeling. This was embarrassing to say the least! What to wear became depressing on a daily basis. My body packed on the pounds early in pregnancy and started to level out a little during the second trimester. I wasn’t eating differently or unhealthy, I was going to the gym 3-4 days a week, but my body just took all my calories and stored them as fat.  My doctor said that some women handle pregnancy hormones differently. And I guess this was just one of the cards I was dealt. 22-weeks


The summer has been no joke for me this year. Starting in the second trimester my body began to run hot. I would easily get sweaty and uncomfortable. Eating warm meals on a warm day is almost not an option for me. And if I did I had to eat super slow and drink a glass of ice water to help me cool off. I have had a constant nagging thought of how this new baby will change our relationship. This fear started in the first trimester and has stuck with me. It still feels so unreal to envision us as parents. But talking about this fear with Brian has helped me wrap my head around it and it has helped me let it go the more and more I talk about it with him. I always come up with crazy scenarios and ask him how we would handle it. HAH! I can never be too prepared! But during this trimester I started to feel her kick and move, which really was so special. I started to focus on her and try and feel her presence in me.

Third Trimester



Right around 28-weeks all of a sudden daily activities officially started to get harder and my body seems a little alien to me these days. Getting up off the couch, or out of bed is sort of hilarious to watch (I’m sure). I probably look like one of those pill pugs on its back trying to get up. I still go to the gym and every single week gets harder for me. But I hear it is very important for delivery and post baby, so I keep it up. My feet and hands get puffy if I’m super active during the day, so I try and drink a lot of water and lay down whenever possible. I am getting tired again. It’s probably a combination of me getting up 3-5 times a night to pee, and general third-trimester tiredness. 30-weeks


I’m starting to get fearful of labor. When it will happen and how I will handle the pain. I would like to think I’m going to be strong and be a champ through the contractions, but I just don’t think I can relate the pain to anything I have experienced. I’m also so scared of having a serious tear down there. I accidentally read how bad it really can be in some cases (I don’t recommend doing that). I’m hoping and praying that I don’t experience that extensive tearing. Basically, I’m working on changing my mindset.  I read that if you think every contraction has a purpose (getting you closer to having baby out), it can help. Also envisioning the baby coming out happy and healthy with each push can help keep you focused on the end result. I feel her more often now, and her movements are more like big rolling-type movements and less like quick jabs. I can also see my stomach move, which is a little crazy and cool at the same time. I have just about nine more weeks to go and I still have a ton of preparing to do before she arrives.

For all those experienced mommas out there, If you have any tips on labor and how to cope with the pain and fear, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below! All tips and tricks are welcome. xo Jen


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