A Relaxing Day

When I was a little kid I couldn’t wait for my birthday. I remember counting down the months, weeks, days and hours until it was time to celebrate with delicious treats, presents, pool parties and basically everything fun.  My view on birthdays has changed a little bit, I don’t actually count down the days anymore and I actually thought I was an entire year older than I actually was. My boyfriend with a very confused look on his face quickly reminded me of my actual age…At that moment I realized how little I actually think about my birthday. For the last couple of years, I must say once my b-day has arrived it has ended up being the perfect day. This year was no exception. We used it as an excuse to go on a little mini vacation. I know I have showed you a few pictures of this wonderful weekend already, but these pictures are of me relaxing on the boat, drinking margaritas, snacking on liquorish babies and rye chips. It doesn’t get much better than sun on my face, a light breeze in the air and absolutely nothing to worry about.


  1. Laura says

    Love that dress/coverup thing!! Where’s it from?

  2. Love it!



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