About The Wedding….Who Knew?

Jen-and-Brian-wedding...who knew?

{one of our engagement photos by Paige Lowe }

Today marks one-month until our wedding day! Let the countdown begin. The invitations are out and we have already received some of our RSVPs. I feel excited, nervous, and holly cow I’m going to be a married women in a month!

Being engaged and planning a wedding has been unlike anything I have ever done. I have learned so much during this process that I really never expected. And I don’t really have a pool of married ladies out there to get advise from…so it has all been so new to me.

I mean who knew you had to order a dress at least 5-months prior to your wedding day? I had no idea those suckers took so long to make….did anyone tell you that? Not me… until after I had decided to plan my wedding in six months.

Who knew that people would process/handle the emotions of us getting married in so many different ways? Some can’t stop asking questions and just love to know every thing you can possibly share from how your feeling, to if your going to have custom cocktail napkins. Others don’t ask much, and want you to tell them everything you have been planning/feeling, etc. And if you don’t, you’re not including them. It’s a lot to juggle and process. Especially since you and your fiance are on a different level of emotion and excitement altogether.  It has taken me a while to process this one, but in time it gets easier.

Who knew that if I didn’t have a wedding planner, there would be a good chance my sanity wouldn’t have lasted this long? Get a wedding planner girls! That is the best money I have spent so far in this wedding process thus far. Bash, Please has been such an amazing resource for us. I can’t say it enough.

Who knew it would be tough to be the center of attention? I have always been pretty introverted and shy my entire life. Now I can turn it on when I need to, but I would’t ever describe myself as naturally outgoing. Having a bridal shower was so, so special. I truly felt the love an excitement from family and friends. But I’m going to be honest, once I arrived, and all eyes were on me, I suddenly felt totally out of my comfort zone and a little frazzled. I basically took a few deep breath and saw the love in everyone’s eyes and just focused on that, and didn’t think of much else. This allowed me to just take it all in and be blown away to have such a special day dedicated to me.

Who knew it would be hard so say “no” to people? I guess I always knew this to be true. But until you are actually in the thick of decision making and planning, and you find yourself hesitating to say “no,” it hits you like a ton of bricks. But once you say “no” once and then twice…It get’s easier after that. And the best part is you’re not a lone, you have your fiance to back you up!

Who knew it would be so fun to break so many traditions? Brian and I are breaking A LOT of traditions, but we couldn’t be happier about it. And surprisingly, I think people aren’t going to care much. If anything, I think guests will be relieved!

Who knew planning a wedding day with your best friend and soulmate could be so darn fun? Brian and I have honestly had so much fun planning this wedding. We don’t entertain every weekend or anything, but when we do, we like to go all out. Great drinks, awesome food, with a laid back, comfortable atmosphere. And that is pretty much what our wedding is going to be like. Plus a sweet ceremony and a dance party….but those are both bonuses I think.

For all those engaged, recently married, or long-time married peeps… please share anything and all of your “who knew’s” about your wedding planning experience. I’m sure there are girls out there like me, right? We need your wisdom!


  1. Planning a wedding alone is extremely difficult. You are extremely fortunate to have a wedding planner. It is important to remember if there is something you don’t know with regard to wedding “etiquette”, look it up. I spent lots of time investigating because my wedding was all about me and yet all about everyone else. So I’m with you, hire a wedding planner.Make life easy.

  2. Jennifer S says

    As a recently engaged person myself, I am learning many new things as well. One thing I learned is that everyone has an opinion about everything. At the end of the day there are no right or wrong choices, only what is right for you and your fiancé.

  3. Kenzie says

    Totally in the same boat as you! It’s hard and sometimes just makes me want to crawl under a rock and not share any plans. I’ve learned everyone is just interested and wants to help! It’s not all bad…

    I’m five months out! Can’t imagine how antsy and excited I’ll be 1 month out. :)



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