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Lemon Drop Love is a lifestyle blog for those who are looking for ramblings on motherhood, lots of baby photos and recipes of my favorite food and drinks.

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Not many people would say a lemon drop martini changed their perspective on life…but I can.

It sounds crazy, but you know that moment when something just hits you…like a light bulb flicks on, and everything makes sense? Well, that’s what happened to me after one sip.

I had a lemon drop martini pegged for a sweet, syrupy drink that would coat my mouth like a Mountain Dew-Pixy Stick concoction—but when I actually tried it, it was refreshing, citrusy with a subtle sweetness that made it incredibly easy and fun to drink.

That night turned out to be special, at what was a pivotal time in my life. Back then, I was having bad day after bad day at work, and I was doing an awesome job at letting it affect me to my core. I was letting every bad day and moment define me.

After being out with my wonderful boyfriend (now husband) in our (then) Chicago neighborhood, eating delicious food, drinking new drinks and laughing—I remembered that THIS is what my life was—not the bad day that I had at the office. Breaking my daily routine helped me see what was right in front of me. I was able to snap out of it and was brought back to the present moment. I realized how important it was to prioritize my life, not make it all about work, and I wanted to find a way to focus on these happy moments more often. And that’s how this little blog was born.

This night didn’t give me all the answers to what I was going through, but it helped me enjoy my life for what it was OUTSIDE of the office. I felt more connected with myself and my relationship, and because of that I was able to better digest what I was going through.

I started this blog because it forced me to slow down and find the beauty in the things around me. Life is full of challenges, ups and downs, and it is easy to let the not-so-happy parts of your life consume you and distract you from all the wonderful things you already have.