All Knit Up In Chevron Sequins

lemon drop love

It has been over a year since my last outfit post. Don’t ask why I haven’t taken any…I guess while I’ve been trying to find my niche in the blogging world I kind of just lost track of taking them. I suppose that happens to everyone, right? Either way they are back and here to stay for a while. These shots were taken after I got ready for a date-night (dinner + a movie). This top had just arrived in the mail from  J.Crew (they are having a HUGE sale). I thought it would be perfect for dressing up or down this winter and for the upcoming holiday season.

lemon drop lovelemon drop love


  1. michelle says

    ~gasp~ looking good!!!!!!

  2. Tionna says

    Cutie patootie! I will have to go order one!

    1. Dash says

      There is a critical shortage of invmaortife articles like this.

    2. Brad, you are a Gamecock so the hope of impartiality goes out the window BUT for the love of God PLEASE let the scheduling thing GO. If you really want to do some good, talk about how Bama avoided the big 3 from the East this year!! They didn’t play UGA, Florida or USCe!!Do you see any articles about that?? No, so be the first to do so and write one.

    3. I’m so excited for you Crystal!! You are doing some amazing things and I’m so proud of you!! Can’t wait to see what all God has in store for you in the days ahead! Love ya girl!


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