Anything Better Than a Cheez-It Cracker? Just Maybe…

lemon drop love

To call myself a huge fan of Cheez-It crackers is an understatement. If they are in the house—all self-control goes out the window. It’s true, I’m a slave to the Cheez-it box, and yes, it’s a little embarrassing to admit, but maybe by me confessing my love for the cheesy, crunchy, perfect-snack cracker—others like me will emerge. Are you out there Cheez-It fanatics? If so, let’s talk sometime; I have a feeling we would be fast friends. Seriously though, if you are a fan of cheese, crackers and snacks (in general) I made this recipe from Joy the Baker—and the fact that I can now make my very own cheesy-cracker snack…might be a little dangerous. They are delicious by the way, and I used cute little fall-esque shapes for my crackers (an owl for regular cheddar, and a leaf for the spiced up version). They were very rewarding to make and so easy. I have a feeling this little treat will be a regular in my repertoire.

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  1. nancy says

    Yum!! They look so professional.



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