Beauty Products: Current Favorites


I have pretty finicky skin, so I’m always looking for great skin care products to sooth, hydrate and make my skin glow. Right before the wedding I was introduced to all of these products and ended up loving them, and I’ve been using them ever since.

Yonka Cleansing Gel is perfect if you have acne prone skin, but don’t want to over-dry your face. This stuff removes makeup easily and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex is probably the best eye cream I have ever used. It isn’t greasy and I can actually see a difference. My eyes are less puffy and the darkness under my eyes has improved dramatically. Without makeup I don’t look so sleepy all the time.

DermalQuench by Kate Somerville is pretty cool stuff. I was hesitant to buy it because of the funny contraption and it isn’t the cheapest product on the planet. But before the wedding I was struggling with dryness and I needed something that would actually hydrate my skin without having to load on the lotion and serums. And this stuff is pretty amazing. Not only did it hydrate my skin, but it started to smooth out my skin tone and shrunk my pores (I haven’t had a big pimple since I started using this) and I developed a glow on my cheeks that I didn’t have before. Even Brian noticed a difference in my skin.

Nourish Moisturizer by Kate Somerville lasts forever! And it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft without being greasy or sticky. This is one of my favorite lotions to use on my face. It has also helped reduce the redness I have from old acne scares.

Yonka Cleansing Gel// iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex // DermalQuench by Kate Somerville // Nourish Moisturizer by Kate Somerville

**This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and photographs are my own**


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