Becoming Mr. and Mrs.: The Ceremony


Pretty early on in the planning processes we knew we wanted our ceremony to be many things: brief, intimate, and centered around love and commitment. And from there we worked with our officiant to create a program that reflected us as couple.

Our officiant read “Love” by Roy Croft, which we liked because of how it speaks of love between two people. And Brian and I ended up writing letters to each other instead of writing our own vows and they turned out really special. We knew we had a little more creative freedom with the letters, but to try and make the process less daunting we agreed upon a rough word count, and vague outline. We then surprised each other with them during the ceremony. We are so happy we went this route. The letters were funny, romantic, and honest. And we were able to share a little glimpse of us as a couple, and still share our promises for the future to each other in a way that was our own.

Before I walked down the steps to meet my grandfather at the aisle, I was nervous to not only stand in front of our closest friends and family, but I for sure thought I was going to trip down the stairs and take a huge face plant in front of everyone. Good news, I didn’t face plant, but right before I reached my grandfather the lace on my dress got stuck on a nail that was poking up out of the wood path. Thankfully I stopped when I felt the tug, and then playfully shrugged towards the crowd. I quickly saw one of the photographers and secretly gestured if he could help me. And he quickly set me free and I was on my way as if nothing happened. It’s pretty funny because somehow Brian didn’t see any of this go down. But as soon as I reached my grandfather I felt calm and happy as we walked towards Brian. And after my grandfather gave my hand to Brian I whispered to him “I love you,” and he said it back with a huge smile on his face.

I had no idea if I was going to cry or not. And If I did, I thought it would for sure be during the reading of one of our letters. But instead, right when I stood up with Brian in front of all our friends and family I felt this overwhelming rush of emotions and I got choked up before the readings even started. I just felt the love and support form everyone rush over me and I was so thankful to have every single person there with us.

After we were pronounced husband and wife, we excitedly walked up the steps and went and had a private moment with each other. We sipped on tequila and had a few appetizers and reflected on what just happened as we gazed at the new ring Brian had on his hand. It was one of the best moments. And I don’t think I will ever forget those first few minutes together as husband and wife.













All photos by: Paige Jones

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  1. Gorgeous photos!! You look stunning. Definitely to be treasured forever. xo

  2. Everyone looks so beautiful!

  3. Love this! The backdrop is just breathtaking and everything and everyone looks lovely! Congrats!!



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