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This weekend was great! It proved to me just how important it is to take time for yourself and slow down for a little bit. For the weekend, I can positively say my mind was free of worry, fear of failure and the fact that I might miss a detail here or there—which are all things that pop into my head on a weekly or daily basis.

And the best part of the entire trip was that it wasn’t complicated, or over the top, it was just simple and relaxing. My cousin and I went with the flow, didn’t fight the fact that what we planned to do didn’t always work out, we just moved on to the next best thing and had a memorable, fun time.

It’s true, and I’ve said it before, and we have all thought it: we should practice being easier on ourselves. But the honest truth is that it isn’t always easy to do it, when push comes to shove. And as Jess has taught me, a lot of that negative thinking is so habitual because you have had this sort of thinking pattern for a long time, and it develops into a really strong muscle. And the key to stopping/helping yourself, is to change your thought patterns, so you inevitable weaken that muscle.

So as you can suspect, I have been practicing weakening my ego/negative-thinking muscle, but just like anything else, breaking a habit or pattern takes time. But for now, when I notice myself going there, full speed and using the muscle, I try and stop myself mid thought, and counter my negative ego with a positive note-to-self, or a relief message, like, “this isn’t a big deal, it’s small and manageable, and this is something you can handle at another time.”

But for those of you that feel like your negative-thinking muscle is on steroids and you need a quick fix, I strongly recommend taking a mini vacation like I did, and do from time to time. Because it is amazing how your brain shifts when you step out from your daily routine and go away to a more simple and pretty place.

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  1. Tionna says

    Yay. I definitely enjoyed “going with the flow” with you! Our Plan B’s and C’s seemed to work out better than our Plan A’s anyway. I guess that’s a good take home message for life. Love you!

  2. Lori says

    I love Tionna’s comment about how the Plan B’s and C’s worked out better than the Plan A’s. What a great way to look at your vacation and life in general!

  3. Michelle says

    I am constantly amazed at your ability to think outside the box! Love your blog

  4. Well said. I always come up with my best ideas when I break out of my routine or take a walk someplace new. Cruising around a bookstore helps too. :)

  5. Jessica says

    That is so true. Your brain does shift when you get out of your normal routine. I took a break and had a little vacation two weeks ago and my mind totally shift. I usually get stomach aches when I get nervous and through this whole trip I didn’t even get nervous and my stomach didn’t hurt. It was so weird I thought, because I get worried trying new things and this time I didn’t. Was a great vacation. And now I know why, because I did something different.
    But I’m going to try what you said and stop before completing my negative thought and saying something positive instead.
    Thanks for the post.



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