Black and White Photos

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday.  My birthday wish was to escape the busy city for a relaxing low-key weekend—that wish came true, we went up to this cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan. A bonus birthday wish was also granted, an amazing new camera that I just couldn’t put down. With my fancy camera I was able to capture some of the highlights from the trip: small town antique stores, cute candy shops, days spent on the lake, wonderful BBQ dinners, endless play time spent outside with the pups, and our pancake throw down. I forgot to take photos of the pancake cook-off because I was so focused on the competition, but imagine a Bobby Flay Throw Down meets Iron Chef America with the secret ingredients being caramel and coconut. I won’t lie, when my boyfriend came up with this idea I was nervous—I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull off working with secret ingredients on the fly, but I surprised myself and mine turned out pretty tasty.

 One of my favorite features on the camera is the ability to take black and white photos. Here are some of my favorite ones.  Tomorrow I will show my favorite color shots from the same day.


  1. You are beautiful

  2. Marta Donnelly says

    Amazing pics!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Jen! You look great. Your new cam did justise. In the first pic you look so much like kim k
    Glad you had good biday.

  4. Tim says


  5. amazing black nd white shots!!!!

    (new post: Turquoise dream & follow me)



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