Bring Italy to You

Fresh pasta and parmesan from an Italian market located in Boston's North End.

In the midst of a very hectic week, all I wanted to do is indulge in some comfort food. I usually revert to homemade mac and cheese, but I had the urge to switch it up. Since everything else seemed to be moving a million miles a minute, this recipe was perfect because it was unbelievably simple. All it took was three ingredients: fresh parmesan cheese (finely cut), butter and pasta (keeping two cups of pasta water).

Place cut butter on plate, add warm pasta, and sprinkle a generous amount of grated cheese then add splash or two of the pasta water. Mix continuously for two to three minutes and watch the sauce thicken before your eyes! To add some different flavors you could top with shrimp, chicken or any vegetable.

Little fact about this delicious sauce… Alfredo sauce was created by a man named Alfredo di Lello, in 1914 at his restaurant in Rome. He made it originally for his wife and later included it on his menu. Aren’t we lucky?

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