Burger Bliss

No matter how simple or complex a burger is made it can positively satisfy my appetite. There is a lot of history to the original burger and a fair amount of speculation on who should be crowned the first person to serve this delicious sandwich.

 Not only am I a lover of a nice juicy burger, but my boyfriend (Brian) is too. Out of our mutual love, we are often inspired and come up with new ways to cook this yummy treat. This time we used a Mexican twist and it turned out to be just as delicious as it looks.

mmm, burger...

What we used: 80/20 ground beef seasoned with salt and pepper. Then cooked the meat to perfection and blanketed the patty with Chihuahua cheese (because it melts perfectly) and patiently waited until it was melted. To top, we thinly sliced tomato and mounded on Brian’s homemade guacamole, which by the way can always put me in a good mood. Finally, to bring it together we snuggled it all between a crustini bun. Delicious!

What makes your burger bliss?


  1. Sounds awesome!



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  1. Call it Award Winning | Lemon Drop Love

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