Cake Pops Round One

Lemon Drop Love Cake Pops

For our Memorial Day BBQ I decided to tackle cake pops. I have read all over the web that they aren’t the easiest sweet treats to make, so I was hesitant, but I couldn’t resist the challenge after I found this fancy tool at Sur La Table (p.s. it helped tremendously). I followed the recipe provided on the back of the packaging and it was very easy. I made both a white chocolate and dark chocolate coating, both covered in sprinkles (my favorite). These were so rewarding to make, not only because they were a huge hit, but they were so pretty. I surprised myself on how well they turned out and I can’t wait to make different versions.

Some tips I discovered:

  • No matter what recipe you use, dip your sticks in the melted chocolate before pushing them into the cake balls. Then let them cool. This makes for a sturdy base before you try and dip the pops into your coating.
  • If you use white chocolate and it seizes up on you right away (like it did for me) add a tablespoon of vegetable oil at a time until the white chocolate thins to a smooth consistency.
  • If you end up using the fun tool I picked up, be sure to fill the molds very generously or you will get little alien saucer shapes (like I did for some) and not a perfectly round ball.

Lemon Drop Love Cake Pops 1

Lemon Drop Love Cake Pops 2

Lemon Drop Love Cake Pops 3

Lemon Drop Love Cake Pops 4


  1. nancy says

    How fun!! They look delicious, too. You make all the playful food!

  2. Darci says

    So fun! I love Cake pops!!!!

  3. Patsy says

    Ah, che “la nave affonderà”, questo è un dato di fatto incontrovertibile: solo che abbiamo ancora tempo per circa 6 miliardi di anni, miliardo più, miliardo meno…Il resto è “aria fritta”, o per meglio dire e più che altro, prove generali di paganesimo ecoc.gilo…oP.S.: meno male che, a salvarci, dopo Gesù questa sarà la volta di … Maria!!!

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