Call it Award Winning

We all have our weaknesses when it comes to food. I know I have mentioned this before here, but without a doubt guacamole is definitely one of mine. I always thought I could make the best quac until I met my boyfriend. Early on in our relationship I told him how much I adored the delicious dip, and to my surprise, one day he whipped me up a batch. I very happily took my first taste, quickly after it entered my mouth my entire body relaxed and my taste buds started to dance.  From that moment I knew I was going to have to keep this guy around!

I am very lucky because there aren’t many weekends that go by that I don’t have a batch. Since Brian has had so much practice (a la my request), we didn’t turn down the invitation to compete in a “quac-off.”  Good news, we of course won! Or should I say, Brian won…but I have to take some credit, right? All my taste testing helped us perfect the recipe.

**ssh! This is what makes it so good. A little bit of olive oil goes a long way. The oil helps bring out the taste of the avocado and adds a slight shine, which makes it look so good and preserves the green color.

YUM! Where’s my margarita?


  1. I have recently become obsessed with this stuff. I avoided it all of my life–I had some that was really gross when I was younger–but as of last month, I’m in love. Can’t wait to try this!

  2. nancy says

    Your photos are so good. You could easily take shots for a food magazine!

  3. Hey Looks yummm!!!


  4. I’m going to make it this way!



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