Candy Shopaholic

As I “grow up” and feel the full pressures that adult hood brings, it’s nice to experience the joys of childhood. I have heard people say, as you get older it gets easier…I beg to differ, it just gets more “complicated.” For my younger readers I don’t want to totally take away the magical fantasies of being on your own, but instead remind you of how crucial it is to remember what has always brought you happiness.  For me I get positively giddy and feel like a kid all over again when I walk by a candy store; my eyes light up and I have to go inside. The smell of all the candy mixed together in the air, the sound of the combination of laughter and bags’ rustling always brings a smile to my face.  I, of course, fill my own bag up with licorice (black and red), some sort of sour gummy, possibly jelly beans or some chocolate covered pretzels. When I check out at the register, I may be paying for my own candy this time, but you can bet my day is made.

What childhood pleasures do you have that keep you grounded?

 This bright yellow building was so fun to see, I loved it!


  1. Marta Donnelly says

    I love old fashioned Salt Water Taffy!Takes me back to my childhood vacations on Catalina Island!Every night we would go to the arcade and then for a bag of taffy!You could watch it being made in the store window!

  2. I went to Catalina every summer too! I got salt water taffy too!



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