Chocolate Cake With Strawberries + Butter Cream Frosting


I wouldn’t call myself a baker, but I have always daydreamed of baking a cake. I see so many pretty cakes online and in food blogs and to be honest, I truly wasn’t sure I was up for the challenge. I had strong feelings if I attempted this venture my cake was going to end up not so much a cake, but a big pile of mess in front of me; completely uneatable.

Recently for my birthday I received baking pans and a frosting spatula, so I didn’t really have an excuse not to give it a try. This past weekend was perfect, the coast was clear; I wasn’t baking a cake for anyone really, just for fun, which made the task easier to swallow. After a few simple tried and true steps, before I knew it, TA-DA there stood a cake, it was pretty and when I tasted, it was yummy.

I didn’t follow a recipe, but I did use cake mix (which also made things less intimidating) and I followed a recipe similar to this one for the butter cream frosting. I love fruit/berries in my dessert, so I added strawberries in the center and on top. They cut the sweetness perfectly, plus Sophie got to snack on her favorite treat (strawberry tops).






  • Grease baking pans with vegetable oil or Pam.
  • Take baking pans and outline a circle in wax paper, cut it out and place on the bottom of each before pouring batter in.
  • After cakes have cooled, level each with a serrated knife or wire to make a flat surface.


  1. michelle says

    WOW!!!!! good job..looks yummy!

  2. Windy says

    You should get arrested for making us hungry, LOL
    The Chocolate Cake With Strawberries + Butter Cream Frosting look so fresh on the pancake.

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  3. nancy says

    Looks delicious. You could be a professional cake designer!



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