Chocolate On My Mind

House in the Hills Photo via Lemon Drop Love

I have been looking forward to Friday since Sunday (which isn’t healthy) and it has felt like this week went by at a snail speed (also not good). However, I must say, this week turned out a lot better than I had originally created in my head last weekend. I had my first girly get-together at our place since we moved, and because it went so well, I was inspired enough to commit to hosting a Memorial Day BBQ. Since I pinned us down on a BBQ next weekend, today I was scouring the web looking for fun ideas and got completely distracted. I didn’t even get very far…while I was searching this website, I stumbled upon a new favorite blog, and found these photos and recipes. Turns out I have chocolate on the brain! These are going on my must-make list…

Happy weekend! Explore and have fun!

xx Jen

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  1. nancy says

    These do look yummy! One can never have enough chocolate!

  2. michelle tippets says




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