Cute Alert!


It has been too long since my last cutie post, and I don’t know about you, but I am due for a healthy dose of cuteness.

Today we have cuties with some seriously talented owners. Bailey belongs to the lovely Natalie of Natalie Dressed, Teigen Jane belongs to Jenna of Jenna Arak, Stella is the proud pup to Liz of Grey an Scout, and Mowgli loves his momma Tionna of California Femme.

Aahh, now after seeing these adorable faces don’t you feel better? I do!

xo Jen

If you would like to share the cuties (cats, dogs, babies or kids) in your life, please email me at with your photos and the subject line “LDLCUTE” or follow me on twitter, and share your cute photos with the hashtag #LDLCUTE

All photos provided by the pet owners.

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  1. Love the cuteness! I have a boxer/pit bull puppy, and she’s snoozing at my feet right now.



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