Debunking Weeknight Dinners: Chicken, Lettuce Wrapped Tacos


It doesn’t get much easier than this meal during the week. All you need is a rotisserie chicken from your local store, butter lettuce and the fixings.

And I’m not going to lie, this dinner prep didn’t go how I planned. I almost opted not to do this post because I had so many little hiccups. But honestly this happens in life all the time, no matter how easy the meal is, so I thought it was still important to photograph and post. As part of the fixings we always have avocado, and our hot sauce in this house ┬áhas always included the Original Cholula. You will notice there are no avocado slices in the photos and the Cholula is Chili Garlic. I had no idea such a flavor existed for this hot sauce, so we must have just grabbed the wrong one at the store. There aren’t any avocado slices because as we cut into them, we quickly realized┬áthat all our avocado’s went rotten on us. So this simple dish got a lot more simple than I had planned. Either way it was still good. And I highly recommend this next time you are in a pinch and want something tasty, healthy and simple. And the nice part is you can do this with so many different proteins: shrimp, fish, steak, just black beans and veggies….the opportunities are endless.




**note: we use butter lettuce because it works best at holding up to the ingredients and not falling apart. Romain lettuce tends to hold less and has less flexibility when you are making your taco.

**And on a normal night our chicken, lettuce wrapped tacos consist of: Chicken, Butter lettuce, cheddar cheese, avocado and hot sauce.

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