DIY: Paper Flower Wall


These paper flowers make such a huge impact up on the wall of our nursery, and they’re so simple… I had to share a little how-to so you can enjoy these babies as much as I do. We’re currently renting our place and didn’t want to paint the nursery, so I was looking for something fun to put on the wall that wasn’t expensive and these paper flowers worked out perfectly. The flowers add so much color and dimension to the space they completely transformed the feel of the room—turning it into a flower palace or sorts. Now if I could only make them smell of gardenia and roses…don’t you think that would be amazing?! I also think these would look great in a dorm room, your office, your bedroom or anywhere you want to add a little pizzaz without having to spend a lot of money.


What you need:

Take one piece of tissue paper (per flower) and cut in half twice until you have four equal-sized pieces (shown above). One piece of kitchen string and a pair of scissors.


Step One:

Starting at one end, fold tissue paper layers together to desired thickness (wider the fold, bigger the petals), flip over and fold again keeping the same width. Repeat folding and flipping until you have folded the entire bundle, leaving you with a a long accordion-style piece.


Step two:

Take one piece of string and tie securely as close to the middle as possible, making sure not to bunch the sides of the tissue paper.


Step Three:

Trim string close to knot so you don’t have excess string getting in the way.


Step Four:

Grab scissors and trim edges of paper in a “U” shape.  The longer you trim from the center (the string), the longer the petals will be. If you make the ends pointy, your petals will appear pointy in the final product. I suggest starting with an average “U” shape (shown above) and you can experiment from there.


Step Five:

Fan the ends apart, so you can start to visually see what you have to work with.


Step Six:

This is where the fun starts…you get to see your flower start to come together. Carefully, start pulling the tissue layers apart.  Crab the top layer pulling UP and towards THE CENTER. (if you end up accidentally tearing a small piece, don’t sweat it, by the end you won’t be able to see it).


Step Seven:

Continue step six on all four layers pulling each UP and towards THE CENTER.  And once you reach the bottom (last) layer, have fun with it and fluff all the layers a little until you reach desired look.



For your wall pick out your favorite colors and make flowers in all different sizes to make your collage visually appealing. Remember for different sizes start with the same number of tissue paper layers (four is your magic number), and the thicker you fold your accordion, the bigger or smaller your flower will be. Also the closer you cut towards the center in Step Four the smaller your flower will be. For a small flower, just fold a thinner accordion and cut close to the center.


Once you are done making your flowers, it’s time to hang them up!! All you need are some finishing nails (thin, long nails) and a hammer. Poke the nail through the center of the flower, put them on the wall where you think it will look best and hammer the nail into the wall. You will notice the nail nicely disappears and the flower won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Once you are done you will be able to enjoy your own flower palace and I promise you will love it as much as I do. Have fun!



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    These are stunning. Who would believe they are so easy to make. Thanks for sharing.



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