Dream Machine

This past weekend was full of activities, so when I finally got home all I wanted to do was nothing. Of course when I walked in the door and moved from one room I wanted to relax in to the other I realized a few things; I needed to clean the floor (the dog hair was starting to show), the kitchen needed to be cleaned (which my boyfriend was already on top of), plus I had clothes that needed to be hung up. This situation set up a classic inner struggle that I often have… if I notice something needs to be done, I have a hard time relaxing until it is done, but all I want to do is relax, so this inner battle with myself ends up showing it’s ugly colors and the people around me can sense my bad mood.

Just as I started to hang up my clothes I remembered something that quickly jolted me right out of my not-so-fun mood. Recently we received the iRobot Roomba Pet Series as a gift. I remembered the week before I had plugged it in to charge, so it was all ready to do the work for me. Guess what? That is exaclty what it did, while my boyfriend and I watched a movie in the other room.

How great is that? Now if only I could get an iRobot to hang up my clothes!


  1. I may need one of these!

  2. One my wish list for sure!!!

  3. Jackie says

    I always see these on tv but am so skeptical about them actually getting the job done. It just seems too futuristic to have something do the cleaning for you. But yes a laundry robot should definitely be invented next.

  4. nancy says

    Glad it works for you!! Enjoy!

  5. I got irobot as a gift from my friend and I love it! I can do other chores while floors are washed and dryed.

  6. Sara says

    My husband wants one of these but I was always a little skeptical…we may have to get one!




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