Dreaming Of A Zinc Media Console

Restoration Hardware Dream Media Center

No, I’m not actually¬†DREAMING of a media console, but I want it bad, and I just can’t have it…it’s a little out of my price range… Darn-it!

I was scouring the web and craigslist for a new media center this weekend, and Brian actually found this one on his first search and it’s from Restoration Hardware. I think he’s wishing he never showed it to me because that’s all I’ve been comparing anything else we find to.¬†

I mean it’s exactly what I’m looking for. It’s the right size, perfect actually… and it’s just different enough, not just grey, but it’s zinc—how cool is that? And it’s just masculine enough for my living room, and the difference of ¬†texture will add that special something to the space. Plus, this is a piece of furniture that’s timeless and something we will be able to keep for many, many years to come. It’s just a too expense. So I guess there’s one thing wrong with it.

You’re probably wondering why I have media center’s on my mind…right? Well, we got our couches on Friday and now I’m excited to complete our living room. I get impatient like that, just ready for things to be done.

Do you get excited like that too?

Restoration Hardware Dream Media Center // Lemon Drop Love

Restoration Hardware Dream Media Center // Lemon Drop Love

photos via Restoration Hardware


  1. darayus says

    I like the name of the article ‘Dreaming of a Zinc Media Console’

  2. Brad says

    Not to play devil’s advocate and convince you to spend more than you want, but something like that is really important in a living room, and you’re going to be looking at it a LOT every single day…and it’s a classic…just sayin’…



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