Eye Scare

My relaxing weekend was pretty much achieved, but Sophie through me for a scare on Friday night. After coming in from being outside she became lethargic, which isn’t like her at all, she is always ready to play and have fun. Since her behavior was so bizarre I took a closer look, and when I pushed her hair back off of her face I noticed she had her right eye tightly closed.  Her entire body language was different, she looked miserable. I immediately checked her entire body and pulled her eye open looking for something I could pull out or some sort of abrasion; I found nothing.  I tried to calm myself down by talking myself out of thinking of worst case scenario situations, so I opted for us to sleep on it and see how she was doing in the morning.

She looked slightly better, but not completely herself… I had to take her to the vet for peace of mind. I am glad I did because I guess an eye problem can be a symptom of other things. After an all over check up from the vet, all she had was an infection.  I was so happy.  So she is now on a regiment of drops 2 to 3 times a day. She is already back to her happy, happy self and so am I!

I still was able to fit in naps, popcorn, multiple scary movies and way too many snacks…


  1. That pup is so cute! Looks like my dog that passed away. :(

  2. Glad sweet Sophie is ok!

  3. Glad Sophie is feeling better.
    Looks adorable.

  4. nancy says

    I love Sophie!



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