Favorite Funny Movies


{ Popcorn image taken from here, where there’s a recipe for you to make your own movie style popcorn at home. }

Comedy and Horror are two of my favorite movie genres. When I was pregnant I had no interest in watching anything scary, I wanted lighthearted and funny movies only. Lately I can go either way, but I’ve been leaning towards a good, hard laugh over anything else.

Disclaimer: my sense of humor wavers. I could be sitting next to Brian and he is cracking up and I’m just not seeing the humor…but a stupid commercial comes on and I’m cracking up, or a clip comes on TV with animals doing something ridiculous and I’m belly laughing. So my sense of humor might not be everyone’s, but laughing is one of my favorite things to do, so I thought I’d share my go-to funny movies just incase you were itching for something hilarious to watch.

Wedding Crashers

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Best In Show

The Watch

Love Actually

The Princess Bride

The House Bunny

What are yours? I’m only asking because I plan on watching it, so please share!!

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