Fortified Friday—Blood Orange Margaritas

Lemon Drop Love. Blood orange margarita

This weekend is all about the margarita.

This time of year in California is filled with delicious citrus. I was recently at my grandparent’s house and they have a lemon and blood orange tree that just keeps on giving. I swear the trees were picked for hours last weekend and we still didn’t totally get them all. With that said we have been putting lemons and oranges in pretty much everything, so  why not up the ante with a mouthwatering blood orange margarita?

Lemon Drop Love. Blood orange margarita

Lemon Drop Love. Blood orange margarita

Lemon Drop Love. Blood orange margarita


What you need:
1 blood orange
1 lime plus two wedges
2 oz. good blanco tequila
1 oz. orange liqueur (I recommend Citronge)
Flake salt
Agave nectar

Mix it up:
Place some flake salt on a plate.  Rim a glass using one of the lime wedges and then push the rim of the glass into the rock salt until you see the salt sticking to the edge of the glass.  Fill glass with ice and set aside.

Put a few cubes of ice into a martini shaker and add the juice of one blood orange and one lime, tequila, orange liquor and agave nectar to taste (about 1 tsp.).  Shake thoroughly and pour into glass.  Garnish with lime wedge.


  1. Tionna says

    Did I really miss out on this to study?? It was still really great to finally come see your very cute place. Looking forward to sangria and painting!

  2. michelle tippets says

    Looks great. I know where you can get lots of blood oranges!

    1. Chris says

      Good plan. I like the 4 day plan myself, but I think I was too ageissgrve in the 6 day plan I chose, thus the injury. Glad you shared your plan!

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    3. I hope your mom is feeling better! She sounds like she’s an amazing lady. As the oldest child in my family I often wonder what will be my role when the time comes to be there for my parents. I don’t want to grow up! I want healthy thriving parents and fun loving grandparents for as long as it is possible!

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  3. Laura says

    Yum! I will have to try this instead of my usual grapefruit marg. I haven’t seen many blood oranges in Texas though. I’ll keep my eyes open for them. Cheers!

  4. Jackie says

    What kind of juicer did you use to get the juice out of the fruit? Great recipe!

  5. Jen, just tried these Blood Orange Margaritas this evening and Loved them! Thanks for the great recipe



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