Fortified Friday: Tequila Tasting

Lemon Drop Love Tequila Tasting

To make a fantastic drink, sometimes all you need is one perfectly-aged bottle of tequila. I’d like to introduce you to: Reserva de la Familia® by Jose Cuervo. If you’ve ever had tequila, you are probably familiar with the terms Blanco and Añejo, but have you ever heard of Extra Añejo?  Well, that’s exactly what this tequila is, Extra Añejo, meaning it has been aged for at least three years in oak barrels. This smooth, colorfully-tasting tequila is perfection simply pored over ice with a squeeze of lime to finish.

Lemon Drop Love Tequila Tasting

When I was first offered this drink, I almost turned it down. My thoughts were, “tequila on ice? This is going to burn and why would I want to put myself through that?” After one stern, “you can’t pass this up; you are going to love it.” I agreed and had the drink. Ever since, I have grown an entirely new respect for tequila and its finer qualities. I am not an expert, but I really enjoy learning about all the different tequilas, and as I discover more, I will continue to share what I find with you.

Do you have any you think I should try?

*Fun facts about buying this tequila are there is only a certain amount made each year, so the bottles are all numbered. Plus, every year a new artist is commissioned to create the artwork on the packaging. Making it collectable, if you are into that kind of thing.


  1. michelle says

    WOW, the good stuff. I have never had but I hope to one day. Don’t sell it in my parts. Do you have to order online? Enjoy!

  2. I will have to try that one is it pretty expensive? You should try Cabo Wabo anejo or Cabo wabo anejo Uno, they are fantastic. Also we tried one from a tequila factory on our Mexican Riviera cruise it was Las Osuna Anejo Agave Azul, wonderful stuff!! If you ever have a chance to take the tour at Las Osuna its great they give you LOTS of samples afterwards!!! We were pretty trashed on the bus ride back to the ship- Good Times!!



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