Friday Tradition

dress: Anthropologie, jacket: cole hann (purchased at T.J. Maxx), shoes: piperlime, bracelet: Marc Jacobs

Recently, we started a weekly tradition. There is obvious comfort associated with great traditions, especially when food is involved—and food is exactly what our tradition revolves around; our favorite local sushi joint. Every Friday we dine-in or carry out with Sushi Mura. This sushi place is unique in the sense that the music is always up tempo, the people are so friendly (they remember us and with every order we end up with a free Sapporo) and most importantly, the food is consistently fantastic. Lately, the work weeks have been long and draining so we have been bringing our orders home, but this last Friday we changed the routine and showed up in person and stayed for an official date.  It was refreshing to get out and laugh over delicious food.

Do you have any traditions that bring comfort to your life? I would love to hear what they are.


  1. Clare says

    I love your Friday tradition! Joe and I are starting to have our own weekly date night tradition, and I love it!

    And I LOOOOVE this outfit. That Anthro dress is fantastic!

  2. I agree with Clare. Great dress and I LOVE the shoes! I like the idea of a weekly date night, especially when good sushi is involved!

  3. Laura says

    Love those shoes! I have weekly get togethers with girlfriends to watch “The Bachelor” and drink wine. Now that the show is over we’ll have to find something else to watch but getting together and gossiping is what it’s all about anyway.

  4. i almost bought those shoes! remind me of the prada ones!



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