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Every couple has their own story on getting pregnant. Some have a really hard time, some it takes nothing at all, and others are completely surprised to get a positive pregnancy test. Today I would like to share my experience in hopes to help other women and couples out there in some way. If you have no interest in reading about my girly details, please feel free to skip this little post entirely. No offense taken on my part!

A while before getting married Brian and I talked about when and if we wanted to start a family. After dating for 5 and half years, and having the knowledge we in fact wanted to start a family someday, we decided a good time for us would be to start trying the following year after marriage. We knew we weren’t getting any younger, we had no idea how long it would take to actually get pregnant or if we were even going to be able to. And after a lot of talk, we came to the understanding that no time is really the perfect time to have kids.

If you are a regular follower of my blog (thank you by the way), you probably already know Brian and I got married last November 2013. After the honeymoon I followed doctors orders and went off birth control to let my body rest and find its natural rhythm again. My doctor also put me on prenatal vitamins a few months prior, so my body had plenty of time to absorb all the nutrients I might have been lacking before actually trying to get pregnant.

I downloaded a period tracker APP (Period Diary) where I could note my bodily symptoms and keep track of my cycle all in one place. I found this super helpful and it really helped me completely understand what my body was doing month to month.

December started and I felt pretty good. My body seemed okay for the most part, but I was spotting on and off pretty much for the entire month. It was a little frustrating because who wants to spot when you don’t have your period? I started to do a lot of reading about women’s fertility cycles online and tried to guess when I would possibly be ovulating. I ended up getting my period when I thought I would, which was great news. January came and I was still spotting. So I started to do some reading on what I could do to help my body regulate itself. I found that Raspberry Leaf tea was great for menstral support, cramps and it helps prepare the womb for childbirth. So I bought some here, and drank it daily. This tea is supposed to be excellent during pregnancy, so I still drink it.

Towards the end of the month, I talked to my friend and she recommended this herbal supplement that she used and had success with. It’s called Femeprin and it helps regulate hormones and your cycle. I bought some here, and I loved the idea of trying it because my friend had success with it, it was cheap, and it didn’t have side effects. My period ended up coming around the same time as the month prior, which was positive. I ended up taking the Femeprin at the end of January, and there was absolutely no more spotting in February. Hallelujah!

In the months prior, I  also dabbled in trying ovulation tests to see if my calendar predictions for when I would ovulate were correct. I actually stopped doing this pretty early on because I didn’t like stressing over if the test was positive or not. It also kind of took the fun out of  intimacy, so I just stopped altogether with using those.

The end of February came, and my period did not. Since I had so much success with a regular cycle and I finally stopped spotting, Brian and I got a little curious on what was up. So Brian came home form work and we decided it was time for me to take a pregnancy test…

I had just peed, which was incredible inconvenient, so I didn’t really feel like I had to go. I drank a huge glass of water and just waited. Because patience isn’t my strong suit, I didn’t wait long at all and decided it was time to try an pee on that stick. I went into the bathroom, and  I barely peed, and I was pretty sure I missed the stick completely. I set the stick on the counter and told Brian if it’s possible, I’m pretty sure I just messed up and didn’t do the test right. The packaging said wait three minutes, but I didn’t. Not knowing what to expect, I ran in to check on it less than a minute later. And there it was …. the stick read “PREGNANT.”

I ran out and told Brian and he smiled from ear to ear. I immediately started sweating everywhere, and my adrenaline was on overdrive; my hands and body starting shaking—I was in complete shock. Then the tears came. I was happy, scared, and curious on what this pregnancy would bring. Because I literally sweat through the shirt I was wearing, I jumped in the shower and then we headed out to dinner to celebrate.

I know my experience wasn’t very dramatic, or overly difficult, which I am incredibly grateful for. But if you are trying now, or have been trying for some time, hopefully some of my remedies help you as much as they helped me. I wanted to share my story not only to hopefully help in some way, but I feel all us ladies are in this together, and whatever support I can offer I want to. xo Jen



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