Halloween Costumes: Dress Your Pet!

Halloween Costumes // Dress Your Pet // Lemon Drop Love

Halloween is just a few weeks away and I had to share some of the unbelievably cute and ridiculous costumes I found for your pet.

Some of these might be borderline torture for your fur-baby, but honestly wouldn’t it be worth the tiny amount of torture just to see them dressed up like some of these babies? I know they are all dogs in the picture, but I’m sure they would work on cats if by the off chance you have a strangely patient kitty on your hands.

For your shopping pleasure, here are the links:

Shark $17.99

Raptor $18.02

Wonder Women $17.99

Spider Man $17.72

Wooly Mammoth $23.95

Pop Queen $17.23

Butterfly $10.39

Rock N Roll King $15.30

I should probably admit that my dogs have been dressed up before and believe it or not they wore them around pretty proudly. Sophie hated when I put the pumpkin hood on (seen below), so I just did it for this picture, but otherwise they were little champs. Logan loved sitting out front all dressed up greeting all the trick-or-treaters back when we lived in Chicago. He acted like it was his calling—it was so cute to watch.

Logan-and-Sophie Halloween // Lemon Drop Love

oh, and if you get any of the costumes listed above, please share your photos with me, it would make my day! xo Jen

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