He Could Totally Be In A Commercial

I know a lot of the country is experiencing an immense heat wave, so this little video might be fitting for some of you hot tamales out there. Basically, I swear my dog could be in a commercial for eating ice. I know I am talking “crazy talk” right now, but he really knows how to make it look like he is eating Cheetos, or some other salty snack (I’m a sucker for all things crunchy and salty)!!  But, despite my shortcomings (salty or sweet), I’m sure after everyone sees Logan’s ice eating debut, they will want to crunch on some themselves. I might be bias, but you tell me!!

Doesn’t it looks like he is saying to himself, “num, num, num, num…this is so good?”


  1. Tabitha says

    I have such a soft spot for frenchies and yours is so adorable!!!

    Defining Tabitha

  2. nancy says

    I love that dog!



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