Heart Shaped Breakfast Toast Sandwiches


It’s the little things. Sweet notes, loving gestures and hugs are what keep relationships in joyful places. And how sweet to have a day dedicated to love; we all need it. So I say, today or even this weekend take some time to be sweet and loving to yourself, your friends, your family and even a stranger or two.

This morning I received eggs cooked in the shape of a heart, it was sweet. I laughed ¬†when I saw them because they sort of resembled boobs…

And I shared a little treat by making these heart-shaped toast sandwiches filled with peanut butter, chocolate spread and crushed up white chocolate. If I hadn’t finished the strawberries yesterday, I probably would have shoved some of those in there too.

I’m not sure what we have planned for the rest of the weekend. We talked about maybe dinner at a fun Mexican restaurant tonight and because it’s our style and there most likely will be no tables until 10pm, we’ll probably be sitting at the bar.





  1. JEN RAMOS says

    So cute! My husband made something similar as french toast not long ago…love it.

  2. I love this idea, I’m going to try it tomorrow. Your blog is so beautiful, I’m glad I discovered it.

    1. Dragon says

      Yeah but Rock* North wo;u#n&d8217lt be here, only DMA Design, because Rock* GAMES Bought it, and Named it North, for being the farthest up North of all Rock* Games Companies.


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