Hello Fall

pumpkin carving skills

{photo via—aren’t those crazy-good carving skills?}

Today it is rainy and cold. Feels like fall in Washington for sure! The dogs are currently snuggled around my feet and I am debating on what I want for lunch that will warm me up.

I am so excited today….not only because it’s Friday, but also our couch and chair from Z Gallerie is going to be delivered this afternoon. I tell you, having this setup for the last month has been interesting and humorous really!

We are most likely going to take it easy this weekend since we were in LA and we had out of town company the last two weekends. This way we can fully enjoy our new couch. I see scary movies and popcorn under blankets in our near future.

What are your plans for the weekend? Does it feel like fall yet where you live?


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