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Taxidermy fireplace. Lemon Drop Love

You remember this post, this post, and this one right? Well, I have slowly but surely made progress on our home and here are a few photos to prove it. However, I still need to add all the final touches to make everything come to life, I thought I would share some photos so you can see how things are progressing. 

We finally have a couch to sit on and I just completed my cluster of taxidermy above our fireplace. And you will notice we have an entertainment center! It isn’t the zinc one I wanted so badly, but I really do love it. We found it at a consignment shop for $275. Pretty great deal, right? I just couldn’t pass it up for that price, and it’s solid wood. And another favorite piece is our new to-us coffee table. It has a solid marble top (so heavy let me tell you) with a brass bottom. I’m in love with it. This one was actually a happy accident. I saw one similar, but not nearly as nice on craigslist and was headed to look at it and found this one instead. The guy sold it to me for the same price as the one I originally saw, which was $140, and this one is light years nicer, so yet again, another great deal!

Now I need to add photos and artwork (I’m thinking a gallery wall somewhere), style my coffee table and add a few lamps and side tables and we will be all set.

entertainment-center. LDL

vintage coffee-table.LDL



  1. mark barela says

    Well done Jen…Very clean …very nice. I like it !

    1. Shanna says

      Big help, big help. And sueilratpve news of course.

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