I Definitely Wear Hats

There is a new Target commercial where a woman asks herself if she wears hats, then she quickly drifts into an adventurous daydream, and after she is brought to reality, she looks down at the price and quickly decides she definitely wears hats. I felt just like this women portrayed in the commercial. I saw this hat at Target this weekend and I immediately started to think about sassy bright lipstick, chunky jewelry, funky heels and a stiff drink. Since it was so inexpensive, I purchased it and brought it home to live out my little daydream. The bonus about this purchase is that I will wear it this fall with scarves, fitted jackets and of course, my favorite, boots.

  • Hat: Target
  • Leggings, necklace, tank top and belt: J.Crew
  • Shoes: Steve Madden
  • Cardigan: Banana Republic


  1. Cindy says

    Wow, these photos are beautiful. At first I thought these were shots from an ad campaign or something. You’re beautiful and I love the way you dress!

    This is making me want to make a Target trip…

  2. Joan says

    Love that look girl. You are beautiful!

  3. I agree with Cindy. I thought your photos were taken professionally. Love this look on you! You forgot to give us the recipe for the cocktail!!!!

  4. marta donnelly says

    What great pictures! I felt like I was turning the pages of an upscale fashion magazine! You look gorgeous with a hat or without!

  5. norine wynn says

    W0W!!! Who is that woman? you look terrrific. I also like the hat.

  6. i just saw that commercial and it was so cute-just like you! Love the hat and the shoes. Looking fly girl!

  7. Gorgeous! You definitely have a “hat face”, haha. J Crew necklace is on my wishlist now.


  8. Oh goodness! My roommate and I were cracking up at that commercial last night. And I wrote “I totally wear hats” on my white board! So of course seeing this was utterly exciting. I ADORE your hat, and your heels are awesome! Great print, and your necklace is crazy sweet!

  9. this cannot be real. who looks this awesome just chillin’ at the house? seriously, you are gorgeous, hat and all.

  10. Clare says

    Look atchu, all badass. LOVE this awesomeness.



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