I made it through my first week!


I’ve officially made it through my first week in my new city, Seattle. Mid-week I almost gave up on leaving the house-I never know where I’m going and my navigation lady is often slow on when to tell me to turn, so I inevitably miss it, and end up furiously calling her names and getting lost.

We’ve also been looking at a handful of places to live and nothing has really felt completely right yet. Tomorrow we have an appointment to see a condo in Kirkland that I’m really looking forward to, so fingers crossed this place is just perfect!

This weekend we also plan on exploring. People have told us the West side of Seattle is really cool and we must check out areas like Ballard and Capitol Hill. So we’ll be taking a field trip to see what we see.

Also, Jess asked me to post in her “Things I Know” series, and it’s up today, so check it out! It was a fun exercise for me to do.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an amazing weekend! xx

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  1. Michelle says

    Looking forward to seeing your adventures!



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