I’m All About Vitamin E Lately


When I found out I was pregnant and shared the news with my cousin, she asked me if I used vitamin E cream on my body, and if I wasn’t I should start. She was pretty adamant it’s the best stuff, cheap and I could get it at my local drug store. Since I trust her advice on all subjects, I headed out and picked up a few different vitamin E creams and started to try them out. And since, I’ve discovered she was absolute correct with how amazing this stuff is. After trying out all different ones I’ve  finally found my favorites. Now I feel it’s my turn to share this cheap beauty secret with all of you.

For my face:

Fruit of the Earth, Vitamin E Cream. I like this one for my face because it absorbs nicely into my skin without being overly sticky or greasy. I have acne prone skin, with some rosacea on my cheeks and since I have been using this all over my neck, eyes and face, my skin has really calmed down. Redness has faded, my skin is smoother and my acne is really minimal. It also helps keep puffiness down in my eyes and I look more rested overall.

For my Body:

Jason, Revitalizing Vitamin E Cream. I really love this one because of how pure the vitamin E is, and it leaves your entire body feeling soft and moisturized. I am dealing with some itchiness on my chest and belly right now, and this stuff takes it away instantly. And this lotion lasts all day without me feeling like I have to reapply half way through the day. Oh, and no stretch marks yet!

For the occasional spot treatment:

Nature’s Gate, Vitamin E Oil. It doesn’t get much more pure than this stuff. I love it for those extra tough areas that need a little more love and attention. Some nights I put this one my eyes, and wake up with really smooth, soft skin under my eyes. I also roll this on my lips and massage it in, leaving them conditioned for days! Rolling on my belly button, elbows, cuticles and feet have been a dream too.

I plan to use this stuff  long after pregnancy, but I’m so glad I found out and got on the vitamin E bandwagon because you could say I’m a little obsessed with how much it rocks!


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