It’s All About The Little Things

I am coming off of a long week and I am looking forward to what the weekend brings.  In order to keep my spirits up, I found myself thinking about a few things that bring me happiness in my life. 


My pooches being cute

And being even cuter…

Vacations with my boyfriend


Not being a pro at something but trying it anyway. This is me just after I caught one of my first fish and trying to strike a pose for the picture …but you can see by where I am looking that it wiggled out of my hands and was flopping on the dock. I assure you moments later I dove for the fish with all my might; I wasn’t going to let that sucker go!

Cooking giant burgers and trying to consume the entire thing. I have come close a couple of times, but Brian can usually put it all down.

These are just a few of the little things that keep me smiling every day. What keeps you in a positive state of mind?

Happy weekend!


  1. nancy says

    I love your little blog page. I didn’t know you got it set up! It is awesome! I have set up a feed to it so I can read everything you write!

  2. My children because I have the best!



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