Let’s Find Your Go-to Cocktail


It’s been said every girl/man should know his/her go-to cocktail. I’m not sure this is absolutely necessary in life, but it makes going out to a bar or if someone asks you, “what do you want to drink?” more enjoyable and a little easier to answer. And let’s be honest, it’s kind of nice to have a cocktail you can order out or make at home and it consistently hits the spot.

Before I met Brian, I was always lost on what to order when I went out with friends. And when I started to go out with work associates, it was a little unnerving that I never knew what I wanted. So I always ended up ordering what the other person was getting. It was, “I’ll get the same, please.” This was risky because there was a 50/50 chance of me hating it.

After Brian came into my life, he helped me build my confidence in the before mentioned situations. When on dates together he would encourage me to try different things, so I could start to figure out what I liked. It would start with him asking me, “what are you in the mood for—something sweet, citrusy, or straight alcohol?” I noticed I never said sweet or straight alcohol, my answer was always something refreshing and citrusy. So for a while I never had martini’s, or margaritas in fear of the straight alcohol burn and the way too syrupy margarita. My go-to drink ended up being Absolut Citron with club soda and lemon a twist. So that is what I ordered—almost all the time for a while.

And every now and then, based on my settings, I would venture out and try something new. My taste buds became more refined and I grew an appreciation for certain types of alcohol. So I have a handful of go-to drinks these days, but if you are like I was, and you don’t have a Brian in your life, I’m here to help.

Next time you’re out, ask your self the same question, “what are you in the mood for—something sweet, citrusy, or straight alcohol?” And based on what you answer, feel free to order one of the drinks below. Recipes included for easy ordering and for you to try at home.

And once you’re ready, I encourage you to try them all. This will start to build your pallet and it might just help push you out of your comfort zone.




Manhattan My Way

3 oz bourbon
.75 oz lillet
2-3 dashes orange bitters (we like Fee Brothers)
Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with 4 ice cubes and shake well. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with orange peel and a luxardo cherry.
* Note: this is not a traditional Manhattan recipe


3 lime wedges
1 large strawberry sliced
8 mint leaves
2 oz white rum or blanco tequila
.5 oz simple syrup
1 oz club soda
Add mint, lime and strawberry to glass and muddle until all lime juice is released. Fill glass with ice then add rum and simple syrup and stir. Top with club soda. Garnish with lime slice or 1/2 of a strawberry.

Salty Dog

2 oz vodka
3.5 oz grapefruit juice
Rim glass with salt and fill with ice cubes. Add vodka and grapefruit juice and stir.


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