Let’s Get This Party Started: Pregnancy Updated


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Today’s post is extremely late, but for good reason–promise.

Here’s the story. My blood pressure has been on the high side on and off for about a week now. At our regular appointment on Friday I had blood drawn and had to pee in a cup (FUN!), and I was also put on a monitoring device to make sure baby girl was still enjoying her stay in my belly. After a few hours of bonding with the staff, we were sent home with a follow-up scheduled for Monday morning (today). The good news is all my tests results came back normal and baby is still happy and healthy in there. But yet again, my blood pressure was still high today, even after taking a few readings and me taking deep breath after deep breath, and thinking about relaxing on a beach in Hawaii.

So after all is said and done, what I have is called Gestational Hypertension and they don’t want it to escalate into preeclampsia. And the only way to resolve high blood pressure is to deliver the baby. I’m 38 weeks on Wednesday, so we’re in a safe zone as far as the baby being strong enough to enter this wild world. So after lots of talking with the doctor and her looking into hospital availability, it looks like I will be induced tomorrow morning starting at 5AM (WOW!! was exactly my reaction). Before we left I was given a once over, and I’m already dilated 1.5 centimeters, so my body has already started a little of the work on its own. I’m hoping the drama kind of ends here and we have a smooth few days ahead of us. Either way, this is our last night at home before we officially become parents. I’m doing what I can to chill, relax (I’m a ball of nerves) and enjoy this short period of time before we get this party started.

Since this is coming earlier than I anticipated, I don’t have posts prepared, so there will be a drop in my regular schedule. Thanks for understanding! For updates, please check in on Instagram–there you guys will know and be updated on when this little girl makes her debut.

Thanks for hanging in there and for all your support! xo Jen


  1. Melissa says

    You’ll do great, mama! I had to be induced with Cole at 38 weeks which made me nervous since I went on my own with Logan. But everything went well and baby boy is doing great, so I’m hoping the same for you! :) Trust in the great care around you and let your excitement trump your nerves– the best chapter is just around the corner!

  2. Nancy says

    Can’t wait to meet your baby girl. So exciting!!



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