Let’s Talk About TV Shows You Should Watch


Summer is slow when it comes to new TV and like I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for binge watching television shows. It’s definitely one of my happy places. Today I wanted to share some of my favorites and hear any shows you think I need to add to my “must watch” list.


House of Cards

I started the summer catching up on this show and I really loved it. Kind of makes you feel like you are in on something big and the main character is constantly filling you in and letting you see all the inside jobs that go on behind closed doors within the White House. It’s definitely unique on how it makes you feel as a viewer. Can’t wait for the next season!


The Killing

This show is based in Seattle and they go above and beyond and reminding you that is rains in this city. I’m pretty sure it pours in every episode almost. Hah! Little secret I’ve learned since I moved here, it doesn’t rain nearly as much as people portray. This show consists of four seasons and two story lines. The first story line was by far my favorite over the second, but they are both good and worth watching. It is basically two detectives solving two crimes. And with every episode you learn something different as they come closer to solving the crime. I liked this apposed to most crime/detective shows where they are solving something new every episode. This one allows you to get invested in so many characters and often leaves you on the edge of your seat.


Boardwalk Empire

I wasn’t convinced this show was for me when I first started watching it. But after a few episodes I quickly fell for it hook, line and sinker. Not only is it a great story, full of up and downs, romance, betrayal, etc., but you get a little history lesson here and there, which I ended up really enjoying. The acting is flawless and I’m looking forward to watching the last and final season this fall!


Game of Thrones

I really love reading books and watching movies that take place during this time period, so watching a show has been pretty fun. The costumes and culture are just so fascinating and fun to watch, and each character has so much depth to them, there truly is never a dull moment!

And currently watching…Breaking Bad…really loving it so far.

When I look back, my summer has been full of intense, dramatic television for sure. Nothing too lighthearted going on…but all of these are great shows and totally worth spending weekends relaxing with some popcorn and getting submersed in.

I was wondering…do you love to binge watch shows like I do? And if so, what are your favorites? I would love to hear what you think I should watch next! (thank you in advance for supporting this lazy hobby of mine)  xo Jen


  1. I heard the Killing was good, but it’s a lot of commitment to add shows to my roster. Might have squeeze this one in.



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