Liliana Takes Her First Bite


When we got the go ahead to start to try solids with Liliana from the 4-month doctor appointment last week, I walked out of the office with a little skip in my step.

You see, Brian and I studied our baby food books when I was pregnant and had already decided our daughters first bite would be of an avocado (one of my very favorite foods). So needles so say when I saw her open her little mouth like a bird, wrap her tiny lips around the spoon and swallow, I grinned from ear to ear. She did such an amazing job! I didn’t really know what to expect….I was actually half prepared for her not to be ready. So she surprised me with her gusto to eat. She must be following in her momma’s foot steps! Because I’m a dork, and I like any excuse to eat avocado, Brian and I had avocado toast right a long with her while she took her first tastes. It was a fun glimpse of what it will be like to eat together in the future. She’s such a good girl and I can’t wait to watch her try other foods.

**Fun Fact: the baby Smurf spoon she is eating from is actually my baby spoon that I snatched from my grandparents house when we were in CA the other week. Who would have thought my future babe would be eating from the very same spoon!**





Yes, these photos are from the same sitting. We just had to change bibs since the first one got drenched in green goop. So what do you think she should try next? Decisions….decisions!

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