Well, we officially hit the 3-month mark about two weeks ago and it has been fascinating to watch this little lady develop. I still look at her and can’t believe she’s my little baby. She keeps me on my toes and I haven’t quite mastered how to get stuff done, but I’m getting there. 

Liliana is the queen of the half hour nap! I can tell she’s still tired, but she just wakes right up after 30 minutes, just like clock work. I think she’s worried she might miss something.

She smiles up a storm these days and Brian and I can’t get enough of it. It would be entertaining to be a fly on the wall in this house because I get all kinds of weird over here–I do anything to see that smile, It never gets old!

She still hates to be swaddled, but needs it (sad for both her and I).  She cries and carries on every time, but she still has whacky arms that wake her up when they aren’t snug in the swaddle (or as I like to refer to it, the baby straight jacket).

She has developed a love for sleeping with a blanket by her face. Girl after my own heart, really! She has a blanket (or nene) just like I did and she loves it almost as much.

Little miss Liliana is not a fan of tummy time. She would rather I pull her up from a laying down position or just walk her around in a carrier or propped on my shoulder while she lifts her head up and looks around at everything.

She drools what seems like a river and tries to shove both hands in her mouth at the same time. She can’t get enough! nom, nom, nom.

When I get on the phone she likes to share what’s on her mind, so she just starts making all kinds of baby sounds. It’s pretty hilarious. I can tell she is already going to be a talker.

Remember these flowers I made to put up on the wall in her nursery? Well she may love them a little too much. She smiles and talks to them when she should be falling back to sleep. Maybe that’s my problem?

Liliana and I have a song. Yup! I can’t believe it either. But every time I play Elizabeth Mitchell’s, Three Little Birds, her face lights up and she smiles and gets really happy. She had a meltdown the other day and I couldn’t sooth her with anything, so I thought, what the heck, I’ll play that song. And boom! Those tears turned into smiles! Whatever works, right?


  1. Nancy says

    She is her own girl. With all the love she gets, it’s no wonder she smiles so much She’s beautiful.

  2. Michelle says

    Such a lucky little girl to have such great parents!

  3. Grandpa says

    As I read Mom’s words, they’re reminders of when my sweet Daughter Jennifer gave me the very same feelings and memories. Parent hood is an amazing journey and the rerwards are never ending. They only get better with time Jennifer and Brian !! Enjoy!!!



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