She is 6-weeks old and totally fun to just stare at and watch for hours and hours. She has grown and developed so much from that sleepy little brandy-new baby in just a few short weeks. At two weeks she weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz. and at the doctor yesterday she weighed 9 lbs. 3oz. She’s totally packing it in like a good little girl.

This little babe is a grunter… and a loud one! She grunts while she eats, when she is awake just looking around (sometimes she turns her little face red, which I don’t like much), and while she’s falling asleep and when she is in fact asleep. The middle of the night grunts keep me up at night because they get so loud. I think it might be worse than sleeping with a snorer.

She does the cutest things with her hands… if there was such a thing as a baby hand model I think she would nail the audition and have a very successful career! She always has them adorably placed around her face and she wiggles her long fingers around. When she eats she crosses her fingers/hands over her belly like a very proper little baby. And sometimes on the changing table she has jazz hands, I tell you they’re the cutest.

She hates to be swaddled…this is another time when she grunts, but she mostly cries when she gets swaddles—I hate it. And I tell her, “I would hate it too, but your arms are unruly little one, we have to keep them still so you can rest.” I’ve tried not swaddling her, and she doesn’t sleep as well at all and that’s a much longer form of torture. She is also a little baby Houdini, which has forced us to master the swaddle pretty quickly. Brian nails it every time; I have to go back at it and reswaddle, which makes me sweat—the pressure is on!



If I could bottle how cute she is when she wakes up from a nap, I would…this is probably one of my favorite times of the day. And she takes a bunch of naps so I get to experience this moment multiple times. This is when she is so happy… she shows me her almost-smile and peers her little eyes open at me. I unswaddle her sleepy self and she stretches so hard she sticks her arms straight up as if she was saying, “it’s good—goal!!” Then she clenches her tiny fists and sticks one arm out at an angle while she holds the other one close to her body—like she is in a super-baby pose. All she needs is a little cape.

There is a love hate relationship with the pacifier… sometimes she needs it to calm down and other times she spits it out like a baseball player and it shoots across the room.

If it could be snuggle time all the time…this little one would be living large and happy as a camper. And I would be too. But I need to eat, brush my teeth and go to the bathroom, so I have to put her down so we can have some US/alone time. But, it’s hard I tell you, she just smells so good and her little breaths are so sweet and calming. She has me under her spell.

The evenings are torture…for her and us apparently. One of Brian and my favorite pastimes to unwind is cooking dinner, having a drink and talking about our days together. This little nugget has an uncanny ability to be royally pissed off between the hours of 5-9pm on a daily basis.  It’s as if her little world is coming apart at the seams and everything just ticks her off. So our schedule falls apart, naps go out the window and Brian and I are hair on fire and struggling to even eat dinner. I feel bad because now that Brian is back at work he gets to see the angry Liliana. Hopefully this is just a phase and she will be able to join us in our happy place sometime soon.

Until next time…this will have to do. I look forward to keeping up with these posts as Liliana grows and develops into the little person she will soon be. 


  1. Nancy says

    She is so beautiful. Thanks for the update.

  2. Michelle says

    What a great story! Lilianaism! I love it! ❤️



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