Looks I Love: My Wish List

Looks  I love

Since we moved and got married I haven’t done a lot of shopping. With these life changes saving has become a top priority to both of us. And because of that my shopping has been on hold for a little while.

To fill the shopping void I have this guilty pleasure and I guess you could call it a sort of ritual that I do….

I may lose all my readers when I tell you this crazy thing, but hopefully I’m not alone. So what I do is, I go to my favorite online stores and add things I want to buy to my shopping cart (like I normally would) then I just eventually close the browser and walk away. Weird huh? This isn’t a daily thing, just every so often. It’s like pretend shopping…HA!

So while this ritual is both funny and a little sad. I have decided to find looks I like (on Pinterest) and put together a little wish list. Then monthly I will give myself a budget where I can actually BUY something and not just pretend to. And by doing this, when it comes time to shop, I can also be more intentional about my purchases.

What do you think—a little healthier approach right? Have you ever taken part in this odd, but somehow satisfying fake shopping?

Looks I love

Look I Love


My shopping list:

Distressed jeans

Long blazer

Long sleeve crop top

Long-stripped skirt

Mini cross-body purse

Pink coat

Fuzzy hat

Embellished clutch

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