Making A Baby Easter Basket


The Easter Bunny is coming to our house this year! I know, I know… creating an easter basket for a five month old? Well, in the off chance it makes her smile, it’s totally worth it to me.

The way I rationalized making a basket was the fact that Liliana is going through a lot of changes right now and I noticed I needed to buy her a handful of things, so I thought, why not put it in a cute basket from the Easter Bunny? And that’s exactly what I did. I’m thinking I’m going to continue this tradition before she can eat candy. And maybe even after candy?….Yes, maybe the Easter Bunny never brings candy?! …now I’m just getting ahead of myself.

I bought everything on Amazon Prime, so if you’re interested in any of these you should be able to get them before Easter!


You Are My Baby: Meadow: Liliana is loving it when I read to her lately. She is much more engaged than she ever has been and her body shakes from excitement sometimes. I actually spotted this book at a cute baby store and almost bought it, but I’m glad I didn’t because it was half the price on Amazon.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy: Grasping is big in this house, so I’m trying to find things that are small and light enough for her to actually hold and move from one hand to the other easily. She can bite on this as well, and shake it easily, so it doubles as a teether and rattle.

Munchkin LATCH Transition Cup, 4 Ounce: Eating from a spoon is happening daily with her and she is loving it. It actually seems like every time I’m eating she wants to eat too. The other day I notices her opening her mouth when I was drinking a class of water, so I wanted to try and practice using a sippy cup, and I found this “transition” cup that I think will be perfect.

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste, Raspberry & Strawberry, 1.76oz (Pack of 2): She officially has two bottom teeth, and my dentist said no time is really too early to start to practice good habits when it comes to caring for your teeth. These tasty tooth pastes seems like a fun and rewarding way to start to teach her about brushing. To start, I plan to put a little on my finger and rub it gently on her two teeth and gum area at least once a day.

RADIUS Pure Baby Toothbrush for 6 months +, Ultra Soft Bristles (3 Pack): My dentist also talked to me about getting her used to putting a tooth brush in her mouth, so I thought these would work as practice and eventually actual brushing.

Zoli Gummy Sticks Baby Gum Massagers, Pink/Purple: This girl wants to bite on everything! And now that she has teeth my fingers are no longer a viable option. I’ve made that mistake more than once. And every teething ring or item is just too bulky for her to actually hold, so she just puts her fingers in her mouth. These looked perfect. They are shaped like a finger, are light weight and overall just seem practical.

Plan Toys My First Phone: Liliana loves my cell phone! She is constantly reaching for it, loves to watch me text and is mesmerized when I talk on the phone. So I thought, why not get her one so she can eventually pretend she is on the phone? It might be a bit early for her with this one, but she can practice holding/grasping and pushing  the buttons for now.

**Bath Duck and Basket are both from World Market. The basket included the grass on the inside, as well. And I believe they’re running an Easter sale for up to 50% off, if you want to head over. They have all kinds of cute stuff!**




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    Such cute ideas. I love it all. Happy Easter.



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