Melrose Trading Post

Lemon Drop Love

For the past few weeks I have been brewing some new creative project ideas. One thing I had to check off my to-do list was to find myself a handful of quality, vintage frames. What better place to go than the flea market, right? So this past weekend I scoured The Melrose Trading Post. It was fun, challenging and exciting. I definitely found exactly what I needed, but I was shocked at how little people would budge on their set prices. I’ve been told I’m a born negotiator, but I found more so than not, I had to walk away from some frames I really wanted. Overall it was an exhilarating few hours and it gave me a chance to work on my rusty wheeling and dealing skills.

Lemon Drop Love

Lemon Drop LoveLemon Drop LoveLemon Drop LoveLemon Drop LoveLemon Drop Love

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  1. Tionna says

    I want to tag along next time! What awesome finds!



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